Silver Sonic Thunder Premium Subwoofer cable

A Force to Be Reckoned With


Color: Black/Gold
Diameter: 7.2 mm
Connectors: DH Labs Ultimate RCA or Ultimate XLR

The Silver Sonic Thunder Subwoofer Cable is the superior choice for all high-performance subwoofer applications. The cable features multi-stand, silver-coated Continuous CrystalTM Copper conductors encased in an ultra-low loss Air-PTFE dielectric, all surrounded by a high density braided shield. Being that the conductor surface is of the wire is silver, the performance rivals a solid-silver cable at only a fraction of the cost. Our proprietary coating technique (USA) is as an incredibly cost effective way of manufacturing the highest quality subwoofer cable available today. All DH Labs Subwoofer cables deliver outstanding connection integrity and superior resistance to RFI for ultra-quiet signal transmission. The Thunder's high definition bass response makes it the choice for the finest subwoofers available. The cable's exceptionally low capacitance also makes it superior when long runs are needed. The Thunder is terminated with our all copper Ultimate RCA plug or our Ultimate XLR connectors.