Here are some of the comments we have received over the years from our customers. If you would like to give us feedback about our product please email us at Testimonials@silversonic.com

I recently purchased your Q-10 cable, and from the moment I turned on the stereo system I noticed a difference. I was hearing more music than ever, the sound stage was much better than before, and even dialogue has gotten much clearer. I can't wait till these cables are fully broken in! It's a day and night difference from the (far more expensive) cable I was using before. I definitely highly recommend this cable. Thanks and have a great day.


David G.

Thank you again!!! I won't go on and on with the usual audiophile blather...yes, the highs are smoother, lows are tighter, and the mids are much more full. What it comes to is this...the D-75 is the best audio purchase I have ever made. It is a good thing I enjoy listening so much with it in my system, otherwise I would be irritated 24/7 that I didn't buy one sooner!

Best regards,
Ian W

Hi from Athens, I want to thank you for the Power Plus cable! Highest quality, it added a lot to my system making a significant improvement in every aspect.
A really magnificent product.

Costas .C

Dear Sir, I have 2x6w 300B SET amp(Verdier) and i have 94 Db dupole full range speaker. I tested very many speaker cables but didn't find a cable which I loved.

Finally I tested DH Labs T-14 speaker cable. Oh my god, this cable is very good. In the end I found my speaker cable. Everything is beautiful. I love it very very much.

Thank you DH Labs.
Tayfun D., Turkey

Hi, Just a note to say how much of an improvement in my system your cables have made.
I have NAD amp & cd player w/ B&W monitors. With this equipment I have enjoyed good sound even though all of it is entry level.
A while ago I bought the T-14 speaker wire. My sound improved.
Recently I bought BL-1 interconnects. I could not believe the improvement.
Everything seemed to come into focus with a clarity I have never enjoyed. I have had many systems thru the years from Carver to Vandersteen equipment. What has been missing for me is quality wiring.
I made my purchases at The Analog Store, Raliegh,NC. Alex Lok has been preaching your cables for some time...I should have listened earlier.

I Thank you.
Mark H.

I have received the pair of Revelation interconnects and installed them into my system. In a former weak link, between my CD player (Proceed MRC-100) and the pre-amp (Anthem Pre 2 SE) the new cables replaced an old pair of MIT Music Link's. Right out of the box, the new cables produced more open highs, a greater depth of sound stage and more precisely located instruments left-to-right. I expect the sound to improve after X number of hours of use. These cables have found a good home.......
Following my next project (re-wiring a tone arm - Syrinx 2) I expect to be ordering another pair for the path to my phono box.
In the mean time...... I will spread the word about the Revelation interconnects.

Neil D.

Hi Darren, I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to you, I have been using your revelation, Q-10 combo for some time now and I am just blown away. This is the first time I have heard a silver cables so smooth, sweet with great detail and air but the biggie it was never hard sounding like some other companies silver cabling. This Revelation cable is awesome. In the past I have used some very high $ cables (1500$+) and your cables have been better and my system has never sounded so good (for about 1/3 of the price). I then bought your power cords and "WOW" the synergy is awesome. I had some friends over who had much more expensive cabling and when they left they were scratching their heads. Keep up the great work and great products!!

-Kevin W., Coventry, RI

After 38 years of being a stereo enthusiast I finally have a reliable and easy process. Electronic components and speakers I buy only McIntosh. Cables and speaker wire I buy only DH Labs. Each company provides quality and dependable products made in the USA at reasonable prices with expert and friendly service. (If GM and Ford would have followed this formula, they probably would not be in the financial bad shape they are in now.)

-Bill M.,

Darren, did I tell you these Revelation interconnects are awesome? Clear and open, oh my oh my!!!! Maureen also called me the other night and she said, "I did not think my system could sound better, but these BL-1's are incredible." Another fan!!!

-Mike K.,
Bath, PA

Hi, Darin, I thought you might like to know what I thought of the T-14, BL-1, and the D-75 after giving them a test drive on my system. In a word, they're terrific, producing the most clear and transparent sound I've ever heard in my home. The sound seems almost effortless, like it flows freely with no barriers and no interference. That's the best way I can describe it in my layman's terms. I am very pleased, and now I have a pile of Monster Cable [tm] that I don't know what to do with. ;-)

Thank you very much for producing such a fine product. I'll be recommending Silver Sonic cables to anyone who will listen to me.

-Brad R.,
Ann Arbor, MI

I was able to get the Silver Sonic cable from Rob at Applause. What can I say ... WOW ... and I'm told it will get even better as it burns in - impossible! You guys really ought to be run out of town producing such an excellent product at bargain basement prices. Keep it up!

-Bernard H., Toronto, Canada

This past Friday I received the cables you had constructed for me—the special Q10 wire harness for the Avantgarde speakers, and the run of Air Matrix. Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent work, and a wonderful product. They work perfectly... and sound amazing. I've already told Kevin Deal he really should look into getting some of these made up for his Avantgarde customers-- the Q10 is a considerable upgrade from the little wire jumpers that Avantgarde includes with their speaker, and much easier to install.

Anyway, thanks again. Very much appreciated.

Best regards,
-Roland P., Texas

Hello, I own a few pairs of Air Matrix interconnects that I purchased new and one pair that I just picked up used. I'm very pleased with their performance. The Air Matrix are more "open" with better frequency extension high and low compared to the more costly Straightwire interconnects they replaced in my system. Thank You.

-Abe C., Colorado USA

Dear DH Lab, I purchased the Q-10 cable the internal bi-wire pair which has approximately 10 hours on them now, the moment I turned on the stereo system I noticed a difference right away. I was hearing more music than ever, the sound stage was much better than before even though these cables aren't broke in yet. The dialogue has gotten much clearer, harps and strings sound much better also. I can't wait till these cables are fully broke in. It's a day and night difference from the Monster Cable Z-series cables I had. I looked at various cables before choosing these and also with the suggestion of my dealer here in Augusta, Georgia. My Revel F-30's are more musical than ever. I definitely highly recommend this cable. Don't mean to bore you with this long letter, I can't help it. For the first time I am happy with my purchase. Thanks and have a great day.

-Darren G.

I recently purchased your T-14 speaker cable and wanted to tell you how happy I am with it. The sound coming from my JMLab speakers is clearer and more see though. The 3-D images have greater focus with more depth. The base is tighter with greater detail.

I think you should mention to people when they purchase this cable that it needs at least 20 hours to "break-in". After that it starts to sound REAL GOOD.

-Rob A.

I received my T-14 cable and the interconnects when promised and have installed them. Very nice in every way and perfect for my system. Thanks for the great customer service and excellent product.


I received the T-14 cables yesterday, and they sound FANTASTIC... and they haven't even begun to break in... Thanks for the response.

-Jeff K.,
Chicago, IL

As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, I'm very pleased with the BL-1s; they made an immediate, very audible improvement in almost every aspect of the sound quality of my system. They are smoother, clearer, faster, more extended at both ends than what I was using before, with a well defined and very deep soundstage. They sound great.

Thanks a lot,
-Craig S.

I picked up and installed my first order of BL-1 interconnects last night. WOW! Even in their unbroken-in state they sound wonderfully articulate, natural and unforced. Entirely musical as opposed to hi-fi sounding. At the risk of sounding silly (and like an audio magazine writer), I would say the BL-1 is to music as fine cashmere is to sweaters! Even if they cost more, they'd be worth every penny spent!

-Gary M.

Just wanted to let you know that my cables arrived and they sound great! Definitely better than my previous mix of Kimber, Music Metre, and Siltech. The soundstage is wonderfully spacious (my top sound priority), and the balance of bass/mid/treble is very good.

-John R.,
Highland Park, NJ

(Air Matrix) I was totally blown away, everything was better... soundstage, dynamics, highs, bass, midrange... I mean DAMN!!, I couldn't stop listening. These cables rock!! The brains over at DH Labs must really know their stuff, because they have got the best cable out there, period! And believe me, if you read my review of the BL-1's you will know that I have tried many, and I would love to do the Pepsi Challenge with the AIR MATRIX against all comers!! Especially the JPS Labs and Silveraudio stuff... any takers?

-Ray L.,
Hayward, CA

This is Michau From Osiris Audionics. I got the BL-1 Series II's a few days ago. I own two pair of T-14's and I like them very much, they are very nice indeed. When I receive the BL-1's from I thought they will be very good like the T-14s. I was wrong. They are MAGICAL! They are very, very neutral and they sound RIGHT. They sound much, much better than the KCAG's I used throughout my system (and MIT's and AudioTruth Lapis before that.)

To make a long story short they are the best interconnects I ever have in my system. You must be very proud of your magical work!

-Michau Y. Osiris Audionics, Inc.

Just a short note to tell you how happy I am with your products, which I learned about through a great dealer, Louis Hernandez in GA. I've got the Silversonic interconnects and the speaker wire (don't recall the trade name) and am very pleased. Continued success.

-Marc G.

I am writing to tell you how very impressed I am with the D-75 cable you sent me. It is a clear and significant improvement in "every". aspect over the other cable I was using (VdH the First... yeah I know).

I like everything about this cable. It sounds so smooth and natural, yet powerful and dynamic with other music. No use raving on, just that I am quite surprised the difference it made in a relatively expensive and highly revealing tube based system.

Construction is also great, although it sounds better than it looks. Interesting RCA connector style, unique?..certainly I've never seen one like that before. Unfortunately not much good for a twin-axial or twisted pair cable, otherwise I'd be ordering some of these!

I have been away fishing (lucky me) for a bit. I will be showing this cable to some friends of mine who use similar gear. I'm sure they'll be surprised... especially for the money, oh yeah... those BNC plugs are killer! Fantastic stuff.

All in all I'd have to say it offered the single biggest improvement since I threw in the SS gear and went to tube amps. Amazing how much difference it makes.

-Shane C.,

I just wanted to let you know that these are the best cables that I ever heard. I could not be more pleased with my purchase. THANK YOU!!!!

-Greg P.

I am the person who had the Music Metre Signatures, and was less than satisfied. Well, I talked to Darren, and ordered a set of speaker cables. I was so happy that I then bought a set of interconnects, and I now have two more on order! I was able to sell my cables to a place called Toys From The Attic (they advertise in Stereophile). Needless to say, I took a beating selling them that way, but I was able to get enough to almost cover the entire cost of all DH Labs I needed. So in the end, it all worked out. I can't believe how good the DH Labs sounds--it is more detailed, without being bright; and the bass is much better as well. Anyway, thanks again - and feel free to use me as a testimonial if you wish.

-Bob S.

Hello from Greece! All cables are the same! That was my opinion. Until my friend borrowed me a biwire set of 6. DH Labs T-14 (my speakers are bi-wirable). My impressions from the first notes were unbelievably great! Greater soundstage, better focus, crisper and more clear sound and perfect highs! My old cables (VDH MC CS 122) are to be sold now! What a difference a wire makes!

-Stavros T.,
Athens, Greece

As I expected from the last set that I had installed, they work great in my system. Very neutral, airy and getting better as they break in. I prefer these to my old TARA cables. Although TARA has good body and warmth, with my equipment (EAR triode driving Martin Logan panels on top and NAD on bottom) was actually too warm and lacked lots of openness, detail and pace compared to yours. Thanks.

-Bob A.

I just had to let you know how wonderful the interconnects sound, more so now that I have some time on them. The clarity and definition has increased even more, the CD's sound better than they ever have! I find myself wanting to listen more and more, and the more time on them the sweeter they sound! Thanks again!!!

-Maureen B.,
Bath, PA

I'll tell you an interesting story about what prompted the e-mail. I purchased an Audio Research Vsi55 integrated tube amp about a year ago to drive my Soliloquy 5.3 speakers. I have been using a Kimber Hero interconnect purchased locally, along with a single run of T14 picked up several years ago from a friend. The other day, I was listening to a well recorded cd of acoustic bass, drums and guitar. The overall sound was good, but I just didn't hear into the music like I thought it should sound. Then a thought came to mind. I had a much less expensive old BL-1 interconnect lying on the floor behind my equipment rack and decided to switch it for the Kimber. Instantly, the system was transformed. It was more true, open, and with higher resolution. The bass was also richer. I immediately played tracks of several female vocals, and for the first time, I felt I was hearing true hi-fi from my modestly priced system. Later that evening, I did a blind comparison test of the two interconnects, allowing my wife to listen to one of her favorite vocals. She was thrilled with increased resolution and lower noise floor. We could hear fingers moving across frets, the woody vibration of a saxophone reed, and other detail we had never before heard.

That evening, I researched the DH Labs website and found out that you have Q10 cables, Air Matrix and Revelation interconnects. This is what prompted the e-mail below as I am going to upgrade to the Q10 and one of the other interconnects.

Thanks for making a quality product that is also affordable.

-Mike M.

Your cables are a real find. To know that I am getting the sort of sound that other people are coughing up a fortune for pleases me almost as much as the sound of the system.

-Kent J., Lakewood, CO

Just wanted to let you know that I received the T-14 cables yesterday, and even though I decided to let them break in just by listening to them, they already sound amazing. The difference between these and my Straightwires is HUGE. And while I realize that a lot of that has to do with the fact that my speakers are now biwired, I will give credit where it is due. These cables sound BETTER (in my humble opinion) than any other cables I was auditioning (including Transparent Plus Biwire, MIT Terminator 2 Biwire, and Audioquest, all of which cost at least $500 for the same configuration and length). I just can't wait until they are fully broken in. Thanks again.

-Jeff K.,
Chicago, IL

You have an excellent product and a great value

-John Z., Concord, NH

It was money well spent, and it's worth its weight in gold (silver).

-Norman R., Warren, MI

The wire makes my system sound excellent.

-Ed P., Stoneham, MA

"I have put the Silver Sonics up against the Sonoran Desert Cables, MIT 750 CVT Terminator and Tara Labs top of the line cable and none of these compare with the Silver Sonics."

-Mario D.,
Miami, FL

You were right! I tried the DH Labs interconnects and speaker cables in my system and instantly noticed the improvement in transient response, imaging and clarity. I have ordered additional T-14 to rewire the internal wiring in my speakers. Until this epiphany, I was the greatest "wire skeptic" possible. Thanks for a great product at a great price.

-Bill G.

I just switched to your T-14 wire from some Esoteric upscale zip wire. I'm connecting a Rotel amp to Kestral speakers. Wow, what a difference. Much better in every way, from imaging to base and high end response. Lovely cables. Thanks for such an affordable option.

-Brad B.,
Cambridge, MA

I am using DH Labs Silver T-14 on my ProAc Studio 150. The overall improvement on MUSICALITY over the Transparent Music Wave Plus is almost unbelievable. Better air around the voices, smooth, and more inner detail. Just a great cable. I want to make my own power cables for my YBA integrated, YBA CD player, and ACI Titan powered subwoofer. Do you sell a power wire by the foot and how much is it? Thanks.

-Bryan P.

I am currently using both your interconnects and bi-wired speaker cables with my Classe. electronics and Vandersteen speakers. Of all of the reasonably priced cables I have tried (Tara, Nordost, Audio Magic, Sound Connections, and Monster) I find your cables to be the most neutral and balanced for anything even near their price.

-Jack D.,
Tallahassee, FL

The Silver Sonic cables were a significant improvement in clarity, focus and high frequency smoothness over the home brew cables that I was using. They were multiple twisted pairs of 20 or 18 AWG solid wire. My system consists of a Fosgate Model 4 surround sound processor as preamp, a Threshold S/200 power amp and Shahinian Obelisk speakers.

-Ray N.

My main first impression is that the location of instruments in classical recordings is much easier to pinpoint, and that violins in particular come through as more detailed.

-Steve G.

Thanks for a great product. I have my entire system outfitted with DH Labs; T-14 shotguns and internal speaker wiring, D-110 from my processor to DAC, and BL-1 series II for misc. analog devices like VCR's, etc. Great sound! Thanks again.

-John T.,
Charleston, SC

I have your T-14 speaker cables connected to my Amators and they sound great. I had some Audioquest speaker cables, maybe 8 years old, and these new cables really opened up the soundstage.


Your speaker cables are outstanding on our Heil/Dynaudio panels - the best yet. Very three dimensional and transparent - much better than "Flatline".. Maybe Nordost should look at silver coating their rectangular 6-9's copper! I won't suggest it!

-Jim S., Ann Arbor, MI

Thank you for the opportunity to demo your cables. They have tightened the imaging on my system by giving the soundstage a better focus than the Weber Wire could.

-Jon S.

I found that the Series II BL-1's provided improvements in imaging, depth, resolution, and transparency. The Series II interconnects maintained the musicality of my system. I enjoyed CD after CD with no fatigue which is always a good sign for me that things are working right. I've just begun to evaluate the impact of the Series II interconnects on the spaciousness of sound reproduced by my system. My preliminary assessment however is that there is more air around instruments and performers and that I have a better sense of the recording venue. Interestingly, I can now also clearly hear the effects of absolute phase on a recording, something that I had not experienced before. In fact, on certain recordings, I can tell you repeatably which polarity it is, positive or negative. The engineer in me would not have expected a few pieces of wire to make so much difference.

I would highly recommend the Silver Sonic cable and interconnect products. My experience with these products suggests that cables and interconnects can indeed have a profound effect upon the quality of reproduced sound. At the price, the Silver Sonics are a bargain.

-Terence Z.,
Columbia, MD

I've had a few days now to break the D-110 in and do some listening and I'm afraid I've fallen in love with it. I.m not sure why it took me so long to realize it, but I find the D-110 much more musical than my previous cable (LAT International). I suspect it is partly due to it being a balanced cable vs a single ended. Cal Audio Labs recommends a balanced data link between the Delta and Alpha.,

A few words that come to mind when I think of the D-110 are quiet, transparent, sweet highs, rich, three dimensional, and tight bass. I've listened to a couple of other cables such as Straight Wire Mega Link, and Illuminati D-60, and I don't remember being as drawn in to the music as I am with the D-110. It seemed I could always point out something wrong with the sound using the other cables.

-Craig C.

VERY SINCERE THANKS for providing such a high-quality product at an affordable price. I pray you can keep the price down for others like myself, who love good quality music but cannot afford big-buck names. That seems what most of them are, NAMES, with a reputation created by massive advertising and some not-so-honest reviewers. My hat is off to you, Darren.

-Jay C.,
Modesto, CA.

Dear Darren Just a note to let you know that I received the T-14 speaker cables yesterday. To say the least, I am amazed at their sonic capabilities. With your permission, I intend to include them in a survey of speaker cables that will appear in the next issue of TAO. The other cables in the article will be the AudioQuest Argent and the Music Metre Signature II. Both are far more expensive than the Silver Sonic, but I think that your product will more than hold its own. I am especially impressed with the cables linearity and its very natural transition from the mids to the upper bass. It is truly superb. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, expect a faxed draft of the review within the week.

Congratulations on a truly superb product.

Very truly yours,
Paul A. Cervantes
The Audio Observatory

Hi Folks,

First, let me say how much I love the Power Plus cable! Highest quality, super flexible and easy to work with. Thank you.

Last night I hard-wired a Power Plus into my Sub (DefTech Supercube) to replace the 16 ga. stock. Immediately heard more relaxed openness and authority. Im installing power plus on the 7002 towers and CLR 2500 center tonight. Made a custom AC breakout from the PS Audio UPC 200 as well, so all components have identical feeds. Beautiful stuff.

-Tam V.,
Las Vegas, NV

Congratulations on an exception cable. My 20 feet of bulk D-110 arrived this morning in the mail. I immediately terminated it to fit between my computer with a Lynx AES-16 sound card, and my DEQX digital processor. As soon as I connected it and started to listen to music the difference in performance was obvious: more dynamic, wider sound stage, both upper and bottom end extension, and a layer of haze was lifted from the music. Now, if all that is noticeable without any burn in time, I can't wait to hear the improvements after a 100 hours of playing time.

I have been involved with high end audio for more than 20 years, owned and tried many of the very best cables some costing thousands of dollars, and now I'm feeling rather foolish for having spent all that money for cables that have been bested by a cable costing only $5 per foot. I give the D-110 my highest recommendation.

-Henry V,
Alberta, Canada

I purchased a bunch of T-14 and BL-1 bulk cable for my system about a year ago and I couldn't be happier. I've got B&W speakers, Rotel amps, a Denon DVD/SACD player and MSB Technology outboard DACs and passive volume controls...and silver sonic cables.

At $65 (unterminated) my T-14 speaker cables are a major step above Straightwire Octaves ($200). When I put the T-14 in place of the Straightwires, the first thing I noticed was cleaner, more accurate low frequency response. In one of my favorite Telarc symphonic recordings, I could actually hear the individual basses in the orchestra, each with individual textures. With the Straightwires, I heard only a group of bass instruments playing in unison. Soundstage improved in both width and height as well as depth creating an almost holographic image of the orchestra.

The T-14 allows extremely subtle details to come through my speakers...I hear things in old favorite recordings that I never heard before and all the while this cable basically just disappears from the system.

The same goes for the BL-1 interconnects. I bought a bunch of bulk BL-1 and soldered my own RCA's to save cost. I've got 6 channels coming out of the Denon player into a multi-channel passive volume control...then 6 channels out into a passive crossover network...then 6 channels out into power amps and sub...it's a real rat's nest of cables! And the BL-1 just disappears. What more can be said?

In the past year, I've truly fallen in love with DH Labs cable and purchased some Pro Studio cable for use in my classical field recording system and only wish I could afford to replace all my microphone cables. Someday...

I am constantly recommending this cable to anyone who will listen. After using cables from MIT, Straightwire, Canare, Mogami, Monster, etc...I can honestly say that nothing compares at the same price as Silversonic. Purchase the DIY bulk cables and it's a steal.

Also, Darren is incredibly helpful and pleasant. There's a lot to be said for one guy answering the phone every time you call a manufacturer.

Thanks producing such great cable...

-Neil B.

Hello, My name is Jeff. I am from Hollister, Ca. I have spent thousands on cables for my system. I have been on a serious audio odessey for the better part of 12 years. I have a friend that has a stereo store and receive advice from him frequently. I was first introduced to DH Labs cables when I purchased a pair of Tyler Acoustic speakers that had outboard crossovers. The speakers can be triwired and came with T-14 speaker cable from the crossovers to the speakers. I had heard that DH Labs was a good deal for the level of performance you received. However , it was still a cheaper cable and I was used to spending thousands on cables. I had a pair of JPS labs superconductor + biwire cables from the amp to the crossovers. For the most part, I was satisfied with the level of performance I was getting. One day I went to my friend's store where he sold DH Labs products, and He was trying out some megabuck speaker cable that really sounded great( you would expect it to sound great for the money it cost). I noticed that he had a biwired pair of Q-10 speaker cable. I inquired about the Q-10 and remembered how well the T-14 had worked out in my own system. My friend told me that it was a good performer and was great value. I went home and looked up dh labs on the internet and read some of the reviews. One in particular spoke of comparing the Q-10 to a the JPS labs superconductor+ which was right up my alley. It spoke about how the Q-10 was more extended on the top and the superconductor + was rolled off in comparison. They said the JPS had a more impactful bottom octave. This was the only weakness I felt my system had. I had plenty bottom end but I needed more top end extension. I picked up the Q-10 and a run of T-14 so I could go full triwired. I returned home and put in the DH Labs cables. Ten minutes later I had extension I never heard before. The sound was live. I was amazed at the transformation. And what really amazed me was the bottom end wasn't worse, it was better. Tighter and more solid. I have heard JPS in many systems and know how good it is. I still have other jps cables in my system. At least in my system, the Q-10 was exactly what I needed and for a ridiculous amount.

-Jeff, Hollister, CA


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