BL-1 iCable
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BL-1 iCable

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Hand-assembled using our BL-1 shielded interconnect and meticulously soldered using our RCA-2C and 3.5mm Mini Plug


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Listen to your music in true audio quality….the way it was supposed to sound. Whether it be from your digital library or streaming your favorite mix/channel, the DH Lab iCable will enhance your experience. Our cable is hand assembled using the super-flexible BL-1 shielded interconnect, and is meticulously soldered using our RCA-2C and 3.5mm Mini Plug. The BL-1 is well known for delivering the exceptional resolution, dynamics, and an ultra-low noise floor. The Stereo Mini ends of this cable are compatible with all devices that use a standard mini headphone jack. So plug in your device (Smartphone, MP3 player, etc..) to your system and see what you have been missing.





5.5 mm


DH Labs RCA-2C and 3.5mm Stereo Mini