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Hello, I own a few pairs of Air Matrix interconnects that I purchased new and one pair that I just picked up used. I'm very pleased with their performance. The Air Matrix are more "open" with better frequency extension high and low compared to the more costly Straightwire interconnects they replaced in my system. Thank You.

- Abe C.
  Colorado, USA

Dear DH Lab, I purchased the Q-10 cable the internal bi-wire pair which has approximately 10 hours on them now, the moment I turned on the stereo system I noticed a difference right away. I was hearing more music than ever, the sound stage was much better than before even though these cables aren't broke in yet. The dialogue has gotten much clearer, harps and strings sound much better also. I can't wait till these cables are fully broke in. It's a day and night difference from the Monster Cable Z-series cables I had. I looked at various cables before choosing these and also with the suggestion of my dealer here in Augusta, Georgia. My Revel F-30's are more musical than ever. I definitely highly recommend this cable. Don't mean to bore you with this long letter, I can't help it. For the first time I am happy with my purchase. Thanks and have a great day.

- Darren G.

I recently purchased your T-14 speaker cable and wanted to tell you how happy I am with it. The sound coming from my JMLab speakers is clearer and more see though. The 3-D images have greater focus with more depth. The base is tighter with greater detail. I think you should mention to people when they purchase this cable that it needs at least 20 hours to "break-in". After that it starts to sound REAL GOOD.

- Rob A.

I received my T-14 cable and the interconnects when promised and have installed them. Very nice in every way and perfect for my system. Thanks for the great customer service and excellent product.

- Eric

I received the T-14 cables yesterday, and they sound FANTASTIC... and they haven't even begun to break in... Thanks for the response.

- Jeff K.
  Chicago, IL

As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, I'm very pleased with the BL-1s; they made an immediate, very audible improvement in almost every aspect of the sound quality of my system. They are smoother, clearer, faster, more extended at both ends than what I was using before, with a well defined and very deep soundstage. They sound great.

- Craig S.

I picked up and installed my first order of BL-1 interconnects last night. WOW! Even in their unbroken-in state they sound wonderfully articulate, natural and unforced. Entirely musical as opposed to hi-fi sounding. At the risk of sounding silly (and like an audio magazine writer), I would say the BL-1 is to music as fine cashmere is to sweaters! Even if they cost more, they'd be worth every penny spent!

- Gary M.

Just wanted to let you know that my cables arrived and they sound great! Definitely better than my previous mix of Kimber, Music Metre, and Siltech. The soundstage is wonderfully spacious (my top sound priority), and the balance of bass/mid/treble is very good.

- John R.
  Highland Park, NJ

I was totally blown away, everything was better... soundstage, dynamics, highs, bass, midrange... I mean DAMN!!, I couldn't stop listening. These cables rock!! The brains over at DH Labs must really know their stuff, because they have got the best cable out there, period! And believe me, if you read my review of the BL-1's you will know that I have tried many, and I would love to do the Pepsi Challenge with the AIR MATRIX against all comers!! Especially the JPS Labs and Silveraudio stuff... any takers?

- Ray L.
  Hayward, CA

This is Michau From Osiris Audionics. I got the BL-1 Series II's a few days ago. I own two pair of T-14's and I like them very much, they are very nice indeed. When I receive the BL-1's from I thought they will be very good like the T-14s. I was wrong. They are MAGICAL! They are very, very neutral and they sound RIGHT. They sound much, much better than the KCAG's I used throughout my system (and MIT's and AudioTruth Lapis before that.) To make a long story short they are the best interconnects I ever have in my system. You must be very proud of your magical work!

- Michau Y.
  Osiris Audionics, Inc.

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