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Hi from Athens, I want to thank you for the Power Plus cable! Highest quality, it added a lot to my system making a significant improvement in every aspect. A really magnificent product.

- Costas C.

Congratulations on an exception cable. My 20 feet of bulk D-110 arrived this morning in the mail. I immediately terminated it to fit between my computer with a Lynx AES-16 sound card, and my DEQX digital processor. As soon as I connected it and started to listen to music the difference in performance was obvious: more dynamic, wider sound stage, both upper and bottom end extension, and a layer of haze was lifted from the music. Now, if all that is noticeable without any burn in time, I can't wait to hear the improvements after a 100 hours of playing time. I have been involved with high end audio for more than 20 years, owned and tried many of the very best cables some costing thousands of dollars, and now I'm feeling rather foolish for having spent all that money for cables that have been bested by a cable costing only $5 per foot. I give the D-110 my highest recommendation.

- Henry V
  Alberta, Canada

I purchased a bunch of T-14 and BL-1 bulk cable for my system about a year ago and I couldn't be happier. I've got B&W speakers, Rotel amps, a Denon DVD/SACD player and MSB Technology outboard DACs and passive volume controls...and silver sonic cables. At $65 (unterminated) my T-14 speaker cables are a major step above Straightwire Octaves ($200). When I put the T-14 in place of the Straightwires, the first thing I noticed was cleaner, more accurate low frequency response. In one of my favorite Telarc symphonic recordings, I could actually hear the individual basses in the orchestra, each with individual textures. With the Straightwires, I heard only a group of bass instruments playing in unison. Soundstage improved in both width and height as well as depth creating an almost holographic image of the orchestra. The T-14 allows extremely subtle details to come through my speakers...I hear things in old favorite recordings that I never heard before and all the while this cable basically just disappears from the system. The same goes for the BL-1 interconnects. I bought a bunch of bulk BL-1 and soldered my own RCA's to save cost. I've got 6 channels coming out of the Denon player into a multi-channel passive volume control...then 6 channels out into a passive crossover network...then 6 channels out into power amps and's a real rat's nest of cables! And the BL-1 just disappears. What more can be said? In the past year, I've truly fallen in love with DH Labs cable and purchased some Pro Studio cable for use in my classical field recording system and only wish I could afford to replace all my microphone cables. Someday... I am constantly recommending this cable to anyone who will listen. After using cables from MIT, Straightwire, Canare, Mogami, Monster, etc...I can honestly say that nothing compares at the same price as Silversonic. Purchase the DIY bulk cables and it's a steal. Also, Darren is incredibly helpful and pleasant. There's a lot to be said for one guy answering the phone every time you call a manufacturer. Thanks producing such great cable...

- Neil B.

Hello, My name is Jeff. I am from Hollister, CA. I have spent thousands on cables for my system. I have been on a serious audio odyssey for the better part of 12 years. I have a friend that has a stereo store and receive advice from him frequently. I was first introduced to DH Labs cables when I purchased a pair of Tyler Acoustic speakers that had outboard crossovers. The speakers can be triwired and came with T-14 speaker cable from the crossovers to the speakers. I had heard that DH Labs was a good deal for the level of performance you received. However , it was still a cheaper cable and I was used to spending thousands on cables. I had a pair of JPS labs superconductor + biwire cables from the amp to the crossovers. For the most part, I was satisfied with the level of performance I was getting. One day I went to my friend's store where he sold DH Labs products, and He was trying out some megabuck speaker cable that really sounded great( you would expect it to sound great for the money it cost). I noticed that he had a biwired pair of Q-10 speaker cable. I inquired about the Q-10 and remembered how well the T-14 had worked out in my own system. My friend told me that it was a good performer and was great value. I went home and looked up dh labs on the internet and read some of the reviews. One in particular spoke of comparing the Q-10 to a the JPS labs superconductor+ which was right up my alley. It spoke about how the Q-10 was more extended on the top and the superconductor + was rolled off in comparison. They said the JPS had a more impactful bottom octave. This was the only weakness I felt my system had. I had plenty bottom end but I needed more top end extension. I picked up the Q-10 and a run of T-14 so I could go full triwired. I returned home and put in the DH Labs cables. Ten minutes later I had extension I never heard before. The sound was live. I was amazed at the transformation. And what really amazed me was the bottom end wasn't worse, it was better. Tighter and more solid. I have heard JPS in many systems and know how good it is. I still have other jps cables in my system. At least in my system, the Q-10 was exactly what I needed and for a ridiculous amount.

- Jeff
  Hollister, CA

Thank you again!!! I won't go on and on with the usual audiophile blather...yes, the highs are smoother, lows are tighter, and the mids are much more full. What it comes to is this...the D-75 is the best audio purchase I have ever made. It is a good thing I enjoy listening so much with it in my system, otherwise I would be irritated 24/7 that I didn't buy one sooner!

- Ian W

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