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I A/B tested your Silver Sonic D-110 AES / EBU against Kubala Sosna Fascination AES/EBU. Kubala retail for 1.0 Meter is 900.00, your 1.5 Meter is 100.00 bucks! Used a 6k PS Audio Direct Stream Transport and ran cables to a 5k Cary 200ts DAC. Sonic reproduction was remarkably similar...!

John S.

Hi, Darin, I thought you might like to know what I thought of the T-14, BL-1, and the D-75 after giving them a test drive on my system. In a word, they're terrific, producing the most clear and transparent sound I've ever heard in my home. The sound seems almost effortless, like it flows freely with no barriers and no interference. That's the best way I can describe it in my layman's terms. I am very pleased, and now I have a pile of Monster Cable [tm] that I don't know what to do with. ;-) Thank you very much for producing such a fine product. I'll be recommending Silver Sonic cables to anyone who will listen to me.

Brad R.
Ann Arbor, MI

I am writing to tell you how very impressed I am with the D-75 cable you sent me. It is a clear and significant improvement in "every". aspect over the other cable I was using (VdH the First... yeah I know). I like everything about this cable. It sounds so smooth and natural, yet powerful and dynamic with other music. No use raving on, just that I am quite surprised the difference it made in a relatively expensive and highly revealing tube based system. Construction is also great, although it sounds better than it looks. Interesting RCA connector style, unique?..certainly I've never seen one like that before. Unfortunately not much good for a twin-axial or twisted pair cable, otherwise I'd be ordering some of these! I have been away fishing (lucky me) for a bit. I will be showing this cable to some friends of mine who use similar gear. I'm sure they'll be surprised... especially for the money, oh yeah... those BNC plugs are killer! Fantastic stuff. All in all I'd have to say it offered the single biggest improvement since I threw in the SS gear and went to tube amps. Amazing how much difference it makes.

Shane C.

Thanks for a great product. I have my entire system outfitted with DH Labs; T-14 shotguns and internal speaker wiring, D-110 from my processor to DAC, and BL-1 series II for misc. analog devices like VCR's, etc. Great sound! Thanks again.

John T.
Charleston, SC

I've had a few days now to break the D-110 in and do some listening and I'm afraid I've fallen in love with it. I.m not sure why it took me so long to realize it, but I find the D-110 much more musical than my previous cable (LAT International). I suspect it is partly due to it being a balanced cable vs a single ended. Cal Audio Labs recommends a balanced data link between the Delta and Alpha., A few words that come to mind when I think of the D-110 are quiet, transparent, sweet highs, rich, three dimensional, and tight bass. I've listened to a couple of other cables such as Straight Wire Mega Link, and Illuminati D-60, and I don't remember being as drawn in to the music as I am with the D-110. It seemed I could always point out something wrong with the sound using the other cables.

Craig C.

Congratulations on an exception cable. My 20 feet of bulk D-110 arrived this morning in the mail. I immediately terminated it to fit between my computer with a Lynx AES-16 sound card, and my DEQX digital processor. As soon as I connected it and started to listen to music the difference in performance was obvious: more dynamic, wider sound stage, both upper and bottom end extension, and a layer of haze was lifted from the music. Now, if all that is noticeable without any burn in time, I can't wait to hear the improvements after a 100 hours of playing time. I have been involved with high end audio for more than 20 years, owned and tried many of the very best cables some costing thousands of dollars, and now I'm feeling rather foolish for having spent all that money for cables that have been bested by a cable costing only $5 per foot. I give the D-110 my highest recommendation.

Henry V
Alberta, Canada

Thank you again!!! I won't go on and on with the usual audiophile blather...yes, the highs are smoother, lows are tighter, and the mids are much more full. What it comes to is this...the D-75 is the best audio purchase I have ever made. It is a good thing I enjoy listening so much with it in my system, otherwise I would be irritated 24/7 that I didn't buy one sooner!

Ian W

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