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I received the Red Wave power cord today. I've never spent on a power cord, and frankly was somewhat of a skeptic. All I can say is WOW. I did the most basic thing possible, just plugged it into my cold amp and turned it on. It immediately had my attention. I listened for a bit, and told myself that I couldn't really be hearing a big difference, and was just kidding myself. So I turned off the amp, and plugged the previous cord in. The difference was STUNNING, everything instantly sounded muddy and veiled. And this is a system that I've been very happy with for the couple years I've owned it, the amp is Luxman's L-590AX, Paradigm S6's, and your Q-10's. I'm amazed...Thank you!

Lauren E.

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how very happy I am with my Power Plus AC Cable. After reading many great reviews, I decided to try one on my Parasound Halo amp. I took the Shunyata Venom out and in went the DH Labs Power Plus. Right away I realized there was MAGIC happening... I'm very very impressed! No other cable has made my music sound this detailed and clean, and at 52 I have listened to a lot of music. I just ordered another cable for my Anthem pre-amp. Thanks again for an excellent product that actually delivers the goods!


Hi Folks, First, let me say how much I love the Power Plus cable! Highest quality, super flexible and easy to work with. Thank you. Last night I hard-wired a Power Plus into my Sub (DefTech Supercube) to replace the 16 ga. stock. Immediately heard more relaxed openness and authority. Im installing power plus on the 7002 towers and CLR 2500 center tonight. Made a custom AC breakout from the PS Audio UPC 200 as well, so all components have identical feeds. Beautiful stuff.

Tam V.
Las Vegas, NV

Hi from Athens, I want to thank you for the Power Plus cable! Highest quality, it added a lot to my system making a significant improvement in every aspect. A really magnificent product.

Costas C.

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