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"The Q-10 Signature is the biggest bang for the buck cable I've ever owned . It is balanced and uncompressed. The presentation is unveiled and has excellent stage presence. Q-10 equals or exceeds cables far more expensive. You can be very proud of this product."


This past Friday I received the cables you had constructed for me—the special Q10 wire harness for the Avantgarde speakers, and the run of Air Matrix. Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent work, and a wonderful product. They work perfectly... and sound amazing. I've already told Kevin Deal he really should look into getting some of these made up for his Avantgarde customers-- the Q10 is a considerable upgrade from the little wire jumpers that Avantgarde includes with their speaker, and much easier to install. Anyway, thanks again. Very much appreciated.

Roland P.

Dear DH Lab, I purchased the Q-10 cable the internal bi-wire pair which has approximately 10 hours on them now, the moment I turned on the stereo system I noticed a difference right away. I was hearing more music than ever, the sound stage was much better than before even though these cables aren't broke in yet. The dialogue has gotten much clearer, harps and strings sound much better also. I can't wait till these cables are fully broke in. It's a day and night difference from the Monster Cable Z-series cables I had. I looked at various cables before choosing these and also with the suggestion of my dealer here in Augusta, Georgia. My Revel F-30's are more musical than ever. I definitely highly recommend this cable. Don't mean to bore you with this long letter, I can't help it. For the first time I am happy with my purchase. Thanks and have a great day.

Darren G.

I recently purchased your Q-10 cable, and from the moment I turned on the stereo system I noticed a difference. I was hearing more music than ever, the sound stage was much better than before, and even dialogue has gotten much clearer. I can't wait till these cables are fully broken in! It's a day and night difference from the (far more expensive) cable I was using before. I definitely highly recommend this cable. Thanks and have a great day.

David G.

Hello, My name is Jeff. I am from Hollister, CA. I have spent thousands on cables for my system. I have been on a serious audio odyssey for the better part of 12 years. I have a friend that has a stereo store and receive advice from him frequently. I was first introduced to DH Labs cables when I purchased a pair of Tyler Acoustic speakers that had outboard crossovers. The speakers can be triwired and came with T-14 speaker cable from the crossovers to the speakers. I had heard that DH Labs was a good deal for the level of performance you received. However , it was still a cheaper cable and I was used to spending thousands on cables. I had a pair of JPS labs superconductor + biwire cables from the amp to the crossovers. For the most part, I was satisfied with the level of performance I was getting. One day I went to my friend's store where he sold DH Labs products, and He was trying out some megabuck speaker cable that really sounded great( you would expect it to sound great for the money it cost). I noticed that he had a biwired pair of Q-10 speaker cable. I inquired about the Q-10 and remembered how well the T-14 had worked out in my own system. My friend told me that it was a good performer and was great value. I went home and looked up dh labs on the internet and read some of the reviews. One in particular spoke of comparing the Q-10 to a the JPS labs superconductor+ which was right up my alley. It spoke about how the Q-10 was more extended on the top and the superconductor + was rolled off in comparison. They said the JPS had a more impactful bottom octave. This was the only weakness I felt my system had. I had plenty bottom end but I needed more top end extension. I picked up the Q-10 and a run of T-14 so I could go full triwired. I returned home and put in the DH Labs cables. Ten minutes later I had extension I never heard before. The sound was live. I was amazed at the transformation. And what really amazed me was the bottom end wasn't worse, it was better. Tighter and more solid. I have heard JPS in many systems and know how good it is. I still have other jps cables in my system. At least in my system, the Q-10 was exactly what I needed and for a ridiculous amount.

Hollister, CA

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