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I A/B tested your Silver Sonic D-110 AES / EBU against Kubala Sosna Fascination AES/EBU. Kubala retail for 1.0 Meter is 900.00, your 1.5 Meter is 100.00 bucks! Used a 6k PS Audio Direct Stream Transport and ran cables to a 5k Cary 200ts DAC. Sonic reproduction was remarkably similar...!

- John S.

Dear Sir, I have 2x6w 300B SET amp(Verdier) and i have 94 Db dupole full range speaker. I tested very many speaker cables but didn't find a cable which I loved. Finally I tested DH Labs T-14 speaker cable. Oh my god, this cable is very good. In the end I found my speaker cable. Everything is beautiful. I love it very very much.

- Tayfun D.

Hi, Just a note to say how much of an improvement in my system your cables have made. I have NAD amp & cd player w/ B&W monitors. With this equipment I have enjoyed good sound even though all of it is entry level. A while ago I bought the T-14 speaker wire. My sound improved. Recently I bought BL-1 interconnects. I could not believe the improvement. Everything seemed to come into focus with a clarity I have never enjoyed. I have had many systems thru the years from Carver to Vandersteen equipment. What has been missing for me is quality wiring. I made my purchases at The Analog Store, Raliegh,NC. Alex Lok has been preaching your cables for some time...I should have listened earlier.

- Mark H.

I have received the pair of Revelation interconnects and installed them into my system. In a former weak link, between my CD player (Proceed MRC-100) and the pre-amp (Anthem Pre 2 SE) the new cables replaced an old pair of MIT Music Link's. Right out of the box, the new cables produced more open highs, a greater depth of sound stage and more precisely located instruments left-to-right. I expect the sound to improve after X number of hours of use. These cables have found a good home....... Following my next project (re-wiring a tone arm - Syrinx 2) I expect to be ordering another pair for the path to my phono box. In the mean time...... I will spread the word about the Revelation interconnects.

- Neil D.

Hi Darren, I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to you, I have been using your revelation, Q-10 combo for some time now and I am just blown away. This is the first time I have heard a silver cables so smooth, sweet with great detail and air but the biggie it was never hard sounding like some other companies silver cabling. This Revelation cable is awesome. In the past I have used some very high $ cables (1500$+) and your cables have been better and my system has never sounded so good (for about 1/3 of the price). I then bought your power cords and "WOW" the synergy is awesome. I had some friends over who had much more expensive cabling and when they left they were scratching their heads. Keep up the great work and great products!!

- Kevin W.
  Coventry, RI

After 38 years of being a stereo enthusiast I finally have a reliable and easy process. Electronic components and speakers I buy only McIntosh. Cables and speaker wire I buy only DH Labs. Each company provides quality and dependable products made in the USA at reasonable prices with expert and friendly service. (If GM and Ford would have followed this formula, they probably would not be in the financial bad shape they are in now.)

- Bill M.

Darren, did I tell you these Revelation interconnects are awesome? Clear and open, oh my oh my!!!! Maureen also called me the other night and she said, "I did not think my system could sound better, but these BL-1's are incredible." Another fan!!!

- Mike K.
  Bath, PA

Hi, Darin, I thought you might like to know what I thought of the T-14, BL-1, and the D-75 after giving them a test drive on my system. In a word, they're terrific, producing the most clear and transparent sound I've ever heard in my home. The sound seems almost effortless, like it flows freely with no barriers and no interference. That's the best way I can describe it in my layman's terms. I am very pleased, and now I have a pile of Monster Cable [tm] that I don't know what to do with. ;-) Thank you very much for producing such a fine product. I'll be recommending Silver Sonic cables to anyone who will listen to me.

- Brad R.
  Ann Arbor, MI

I was able to get the Silver Sonic cable from Rob at Applause. What can I say ... WOW ... and I'm told it will get even better as it burns in - impossible! You guys really ought to be run out of town producing such an excellent product at bargain basement prices. Keep it up!

- Bernard H.
  Toronto, Canada

This past Friday I received the cables you had constructed for me—the special Q10 wire harness for the Avantgarde speakers, and the run of Air Matrix. Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent work, and a wonderful product. They work perfectly... and sound amazing. I've already told Kevin Deal he really should look into getting some of these made up for his Avantgarde customers-- the Q10 is a considerable upgrade from the little wire jumpers that Avantgarde includes with their speaker, and much easier to install. Anyway, thanks again. Very much appreciated.

- Roland P.

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