Customer Reviews

This past Friday I received the cables you had constructed for me—the special Q10 wire harness for the Avantgarde speakers, and the run of Air Matrix. Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent work, and a wonderful product. They work perfectly... and sound amazing. I've already told Kevin Deal he really should look into getting some of these made up for his Avantgarde customers-- the Q10 is a considerable upgrade from the little wire jumpers that Avantgarde includes with their speaker, and much easier to install. Anyway, thanks again. Very much appreciated.

Roland P.

Hello, I own a few pairs of Air Matrix interconnects that I purchased new and one pair that I just picked up used. I'm very pleased with their performance. The Air Matrix are more "open" with better frequency extension high and low compared to the more costly Straightwire interconnects they replaced in my system. Thank You.

Abe C.
Colorado, USA

I was totally blown away, everything was better... soundstage, dynamics, highs, bass, midrange... I mean DAMN!!, I couldn't stop listening. These cables rock!! The brains over at DH Labs must really know their stuff, because they have got the best cable out there, period! And believe me, if you read my review of the BL-1's you will know that I have tried many, and I would love to do the Pepsi Challenge with the AIR MATRIX against all comers!! Especially the JPS Labs and Silveraudio stuff... any takers?

Ray L.
Hayward, CA

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