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Hi, Just a note to say how much of an improvement in my system your cables have made. I have NAD amp & cd player w/ B&W monitors. With this equipment I have enjoyed good sound even though all of it is entry level. A while ago I bought the T-14 speaker wire. My sound improved. Recently I bought BL-1 interconnects. I could not believe the improvement. Everything seemed to come into focus with a clarity I have never enjoyed. I have had many systems thru the years from Carver to Vandersteen equipment. What has been missing for me is quality wiring. I made my purchases at The Analog Store, Raliegh,NC. Alex Lok has been preaching your cables for some time...I should have listened earlier.

Mark H.

Hi, Darin, I thought you might like to know what I thought of the T-14, BL-1, and the D-75 after giving them a test drive on my system. In a word, they're terrific, producing the most clear and transparent sound I've ever heard in my home. The sound seems almost effortless, like it flows freely with no barriers and no interference. That's the best way I can describe it in my layman's terms. I am very pleased, and now I have a pile of Monster Cable [tm] that I don't know what to do with. ;-) Thank you very much for producing such a fine product. I'll be recommending Silver Sonic cables to anyone who will listen to me.

Brad R.
Ann Arbor, MI

As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, I'm very pleased with the BL-1s; they made an immediate, very audible improvement in almost every aspect of the sound quality of my system. They are smoother, clearer, faster, more extended at both ends than what I was using before, with a well defined and very deep soundstage. They sound great.

Craig S.

I picked up and installed my first order of BL-1 interconnects last night. WOW! Even in their unbroken-in state they sound wonderfully articulate, natural and unforced. Entirely musical as opposed to hi-fi sounding. At the risk of sounding silly (and like an audio magazine writer), I would say the BL-1 is to music as fine cashmere is to sweaters! Even if they cost more, they'd be worth every penny spent!

Gary M.

This is Michau From Osiris Audionics. I got the BL-1 Series II's a few days ago. I own two pair of T-14's and I like them very much, they are very nice indeed. When I receive the BL-1's from I thought they will be very good like the T-14s. I was wrong. They are MAGICAL! They are very, very neutral and they sound RIGHT. They sound much, much better than the KCAG's I used throughout my system (and MIT's and AudioTruth Lapis before that.) To make a long story short they are the best interconnects I ever have in my system. You must be very proud of your magical work!

Michau Y.
Osiris Audionics, Inc.

I'll tell you an interesting story about what prompted the e-mail. I purchased an Audio Research Vsi55 integrated tube amp about a year ago to drive my Soliloquy 5.3 speakers. I have been using a Kimber Hero interconnect purchased locally, along with a single run of T14 picked up several years ago from a friend. The other day, I was listening to a well recorded cd of acoustic bass, drums and guitar. The overall sound was good, but I just didn't hear into the music like I thought it should sound. Then a thought came to mind. I had a much less expensive old BL-1 interconnect lying on the floor behind my equipment rack and decided to switch it for the Kimber. Instantly, the system was transformed. It was more true, open, and with higher resolution. The bass was also richer. I immediately played tracks of several female vocals, and for the first time, I felt I was hearing true hi-fi from my modestly priced system. Later that evening, I did a blind comparison test of the two interconnects, allowing my wife to listen to one of her favorite vocals. She was thrilled with increased resolution and lower noise floor. We could hear fingers moving across frets, the woody vibration of a saxophone reed, and other detail we had never before heard. That evening, I researched the DH Labs website and found out that you have Q10 cables, Air Matrix and Revelation interconnects. This is what prompted the e-mail below as I am going to upgrade to the Q10 and one of the other interconnects. Thanks for making a quality product that is also affordable.

Mike M.

Thanks for a great product. I have my entire system outfitted with DH Labs; T-14 shotguns and internal speaker wiring, D-110 from my processor to DAC, and BL-1 series II for misc. analog devices like VCR's, etc. Great sound! Thanks again.

John T.
Charleston, SC

I found that the Series II BL-1's provided improvements in imaging, depth, resolution, and transparency. The Series II interconnects maintained the musicality of my system. I enjoyed CD after CD with no fatigue which is always a good sign for me that things are working right. I've just begun to evaluate the impact of the Series II interconnects on the spaciousness of sound reproduced by my system. My preliminary assessment however is that there is more air around instruments and performers and that I have a better sense of the recording venue. Interestingly, I can now also clearly hear the effects of absolute phase on a recording, something that I had not experienced before. In fact, on certain recordings, I can tell you repeatably which polarity it is, positive or negative. The engineer in me would not have expected a few pieces of wire to make so much difference. I would highly recommend the Silver Sonic cable and interconnect products. My experience with these products suggests that cables and interconnects can indeed have a profound effect upon the quality of reproduced sound. At the price, the Silver Sonics are a bargain.

Terence Z.
Columbia, MD

I purchased a bunch of T-14 and BL-1 bulk cable for my system about a year ago and I couldn't be happier. I've got B&W speakers, Rotel amps, a Denon DVD/SACD player and MSB Technology outboard DACs and passive volume controls...and silver sonic cables. At $65 (unterminated) my T-14 speaker cables are a major step above Straightwire Octaves ($200). When I put the T-14 in place of the Straightwires, the first thing I noticed was cleaner, more accurate low frequency response. In one of my favorite Telarc symphonic recordings, I could actually hear the individual basses in the orchestra, each with individual textures. With the Straightwires, I heard only a group of bass instruments playing in unison. Soundstage improved in both width and height as well as depth creating an almost holographic image of the orchestra. The T-14 allows extremely subtle details to come through my speakers...I hear things in old favorite recordings that I never heard before and all the while this cable basically just disappears from the system. The same goes for the BL-1 interconnects. I bought a bunch of bulk BL-1 and soldered my own RCA's to save cost. I've got 6 channels coming out of the Denon player into a multi-channel passive volume control...then 6 channels out into a passive crossover network...then 6 channels out into power amps and's a real rat's nest of cables! And the BL-1 just disappears. What more can be said? In the past year, I've truly fallen in love with DH Labs cable and purchased some Pro Studio cable for use in my classical field recording system and only wish I could afford to replace all my microphone cables. Someday... I am constantly recommending this cable to anyone who will listen. After using cables from MIT, Straightwire, Canare, Mogami, Monster, etc...I can honestly say that nothing compares at the same price as Silversonic. Purchase the DIY bulk cables and it's a steal. Also, Darren is incredibly helpful and pleasant. There's a lot to be said for one guy answering the phone every time you call a manufacturer. Thanks producing such great cable...

Neil B.

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