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I just installed a pair of your Revelation Interconnect Cables into my audio system and IMMEDIATELY noticed an amazing change - the harsh, bright, and sometimes piercing highs are now tame and completely natural with beautiful tonal balance -WOW! I am very pleased and looking forward to the burned in version. Thank you!


I have received the pair of Revelation interconnects and installed them into my system. In a former weak link, between my CD player (Proceed MRC-100) and the pre-amp (Anthem Pre 2 SE) the new cables replaced an old pair of MIT Music Link's. Right out of the box, the new cables produced more open highs, a greater depth of sound stage and more precisely located instruments left-to-right. I expect the sound to improve after X number of hours of use. These cables have found a good home....... Following my next project (re-wiring a tone arm - Syrinx 2) I expect to be ordering another pair for the path to my phono box. In the mean time...... I will spread the word about the Revelation interconnects.

Neil D.

Darren, did I tell you these Revelation interconnects are awesome? Clear and open, oh my oh my!!!! Maureen also called me the other night and she said, "I did not think my system could sound better, but these BL-1's are incredible." Another fan!!!

Mike K.
Bath, PA

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