Silver Sonic HP-1 Premium Performance Headphone Cable

A Sense of Being There...


Color: Smoke Gray
Conductor Gauge: 28 awg
Conductors: 4 + Shield
Connectors: DH Labs Mini XLR / 1/4" Phone Plug (6.3mm) / Mini Phone Plug 3.5mm

The DH Labs HP-1 features 2 Paralelled cables with twin 28 awg OCC Copper and PE dielectric. Each of the twin cables features two 28 awg connectors and a shield. The two paralelled configuration allows flexibility for use with most all headphone applications as some require one wire, and others call for two. Using only one allows for splitting, and using the 2nd piece on another headphone. The braided shield is silver-plated OFHC copper. The HP-1 is designed for ease-of-use by any DIY customer looking to buy bulk cable and experience a serious performance upgrade over a stock cable. Factory assembled cables are available for Audeze & Senheiser (HD650 HD580, HD565, HD545, HD535, HD265).

  • • Call for additional options.
  • • Designed for both high resolution audio performance & rugged durability. Exceptional Transparency.
  • • Versatile design and multi-use flexibility.

  • • 1/4" Stereo Plug: Termination used in many desktop headphone amplifiers.
  • • 1/8" Stereo Plug: Termination used in standard 3.5mm headphone jacks and is common on portable devices and headphone amplifiers.
  • • 4 Pin XLR: Termination for many larger desktop balanced headphone amplifiers.
  • • Mini Balanced (4-Pin): Termination used on many balanced portable headphone amplifiers.