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Power Plus Cryo

from $420.00 

A 12awg cable with proprietary noise cancelling geometries, cryotreated for lower noise & improved articulation


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Audio components (& specifically amplifiers) draw current in pulses. Depending on the output, too small a gauge of the power cable will result in excess resistance. The DH Labs Power Plus is a robust 12awg AC cable capable of supporting the most demanding current flow and signal dynamics, and its conductors consist of ultra-high purity Oxygen Free Continuous Crystal Copper (long grain), which are specifically effective for audio applications.

The DH Labs Power Plus is one of the best values on the market today.”

- Tone Audio

Noise rejection is another key factor in the design of an AC power cable.  Power Plus is an un-shielded cable that features proprietary noise canceling geometries which help to cancel all levels of magnetic distortion. Cryogenically treating this cable lowers the noise floor even further while also articulating bass response and overall dynamic contrasts.

This AC cord was engineered in the USA for superior performance, and can be recommended for use in the finest audio and home theater systems.

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