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Dimension Phono Cable


Achieve superior cartridge synergy and performance with this low capacitance 70pf/meter silver-coated copper cable.


Length *

Source Connector (to the turntable)

The Dimension phono cable delivers superbly transparent sound, with a huge soundstage, explosive dynamics and smooth fatigue-free listening. How? By preserving every detail of the few microvolts produced by the finest phono cartridges. Dimension features our ultra-pure Continuous Crystal™ conductors, coated with a finely polished, extremely smooth layer of pure silver. These high-performance conductors are then encased in our exclusive Air-PTFE Matrix dielectric. This material is actually 60% air and has the lowest loss of any dielectric material. Internal vibration damping makes the Dimension immune to microphonic noise pickup, and extensive shielding rejects RFI and EMI noise. The cable is terminated with a custom machined tonearm connector at the turntable end and our all-copper Ultimate RCA plugs at the preamp end.

The Dimension phono cable has a very low capacitance of only 70pf per meter, making it an excellent match for any cartridge. Dimension is MADE IN USA.

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