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Prelude Cryo


Prelude uses 11awg cryo-treated OFHC copper to deliver rich, natural timbres while improving depth and low-level detail.


Length (Stereo Pairs) *

Connectors *

DH Labs has always understood that the way a cable is handled and extruded during the manufacturing process is paramount to cable performance. Advanced metallurgy (USA) is critical when producing OFHCC Continuous Crystal Copper, which superior to OHNO in that it has the longest grain structure of any copper variation. Longer grains help deliver more natural timbres and dynamics. Our 11 awg PRELUDE uses this material, paired with a PTFE / Teflon dielectric and delivers a warm, rich presentation, with deep, well-defined bass.

Cryogenic treatment does not magically transform the performance of cables, but in the case of Prelude, it does provide a noticeable improvement in soundstage depth and low-level detail that helps to extract maximum performance.

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