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D-750 Digital Coax


An ultra-low loss digital coaxial cable engineered to deliver precision 75 Ohm signal transmission, available in RCA, BNC, or “F” connectors


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Our D-750 digital coax is an ultra low-loss digital coaxial cable that has been engineered to deliver precision 75 Ohm signal transmission. This cable is a great solution for connecting the digital output of a streamer or transport to a DAC. Several features built into this product make it superior for digital audio use.

My opinion on this one? It is a steal, and if I was going to spend $250 on a cable, I would have to look at the DH Labs D-75 first!”

- Doug Schneider, SoundStage

A solid, silver-coated pure copper center conductor is used to maintain the most uniform impedance. A solid conductor minimizes signal reflections, a characteristic that is crucial to accurate digital data transmission. The conductor is encased in DH Labs’ proprietary Air-PTFE Matrix dielectric, featuring an astonishingly low dielectric constant of 1.4. The result yields the lowest loss and most uniform attenuation versus frequency curve of any dielectric material.

Noise rejection is maximized by a 2-layer shield. This provides 100% coverage for complete noise immunity. The combination of an aluminum mylar shield and a heavy braid keeps ground resistance as low as possible. The braid is precision wound with carefully controlled tension to minimize a phenomenon called “VSWR spikes”, more commonly referred to as jitter.

The result of these efforts is a cable that delivers precise signal transmission with optimal balance and superior dynamics to well beyond 2 Gigahertz. The D-750 is skillfully hand-terminated with our matching coaxial RCA-750 connector. For maximum performance, 75 Ohm BNC connectors are also available.


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