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Q-10 Signature


This silver-coated copper quad cable excels in b-iwire applications or when doubling up to a 10 AWG stereo pair.


Our award-winning Q-10 Signature speaker cable features a unique four conductor multiple gauge array, and is manufactured using advanced winding geometries, which enhances performance and transparency, by tightly controlling magnetic fields.

The conductors are DH Labs’ proprietary treated silver-coated Continuous CrystalTM copper. With an oxygen content of only 7 parts per million, these conductors have an ultra-smooth surface, to deliver the highest possible sound quality. The dielectric is pure PTFE in a very precise, pressurized extrusion process. The electrical and physical properties of PTFE make it an ideal dielectric material for speaker cables.

The Air Matrix and the Q-10 proved to be impressive cables no matter what system in which they were used.”

- Marc Mickelson, SoundStage!

The combination of two 12 AWG and two 14 AWG conductors equates to a robust 10 AWG cable to satisfy different applications. Q-10 Signature can be run straight, as an internal bi-wire, or as an external bi-wire. Each of these applications allows the listener to experience the impressive imaging and completely neutral tonal balance – a hallmark of DH Labs cables. Exemplary background detailing, and a richer, fuller harmonic structure surround the extended bass response that one would expect from the Q-10 Signature.

The Q-10 Signature is manufactured in the U.S.A. to standards that exceed military specifications. Every spool is carefully tested before leaving the factory. We invite you to audition the Q-10 Signature and hear what many audiophiles consider the ultimate speaker cable.


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