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D-110 AES / EBU


A precision 110 Ohm AES/EBU balanced digital cable featuring quality connectors, silver-coated copper conductors & proprietary PTFE insulation


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In call cases, voices were rock solid and in scale - in short, about as real as reproduction gets.”

- Marc Mickelson, SoundStage

The Silver Sonic D-110 is a precision 110 Ohm AES/EBU type balanced digital interface cable designed to be a state-of-the-art, no compromise product. 110 Ohm digital cables are most often used to carry digital audio data from A/D converters to digital tape transports in recording studios. They are also the ideal solution to connect digital sources such as streamers and transports to DACs in home hifi systems. D-110 cables are terminated with XLR connectors.

I A/B tested your Silver Sonic D-110 AES / EBU against Kubala Sosna Fascination AES/EBU. Kubala retail for 1.0 Meter is $900.00, your 1.5 Meter is $100.00! Used a 6k PS Audio Direct Stream Transport and ran cables to a 5k Cary 200ts DAC. Sonic reproduction was remarkably similar ...!``

- John S.

We believe the sonic performance of the D-110 equals or exceeds all other cables of this type, regardless of price. This level of performance is achieved by combining the finest materials available with the highest level of quality control.

A critical goal for any digital interface cable is to maintain a uniform characteristic impedance. This is achieved in the D-110 through the use of a pure PTFE insulation whose thickness is held to a tolerance of .002 inch (.05 mm). The material is extruded under pressure in order to maintain maximum consistency, which minimizes a phenomenon called “VSWR spikes”, a cause of jitter.

The D-110 also features silver-coated pure copper conductors for improved conductivity, solid rod spacers to maintain a constant impedance, and 100% shield coverage to eliminate noise and interference. And our custom Ultimate XLR connectors feature direct-gold-plated, pure OFC copper contact pins, far exceeding industry standards.

If your audio system has the ability to utilize the 110 Ohm digital interface, we recommend auditioning the D-110 before investing large sums of money in other cables. Several recording and mastering studios have already selected the D-110 as their cable of choice.


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