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Toslink Optical


A high-quality optical fiber cable capable of handling 150Mbps speeds and 24-bit / 96 kHz digital signals with ease.


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Our Deluxe Toslink incorporates many performance-enhancing features when in use with DVD players, CD players, D/A converters, surround processors/receivers and even satellite receivers. By combining a very high-speed transmission optical fiber capable of handling over 150 Mbps with a precision focus cladding, special flexible PVC protective jacket and a state-of-the-art connector, ultimate performance is guaranteed. A 24K gold-plated exact fit center ferrule keeps the optical fiber perfectly centered within the connector housing, and the convex, precision polished tip assures maximum data transfer to the receiving diode. All of this adds up to an optical cable that can even handle demanding 24 bit / 96 Khz digital signals with ease.

“DH Labs is carrying a Deluxe Toslink Optical cable, which I found markedly superior to the Kimber OPT-1 that I reviewed in Audio Electronics ”

- Gary Galo, AudioXpress (formerly Audio Electronics)

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