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Mirage USB

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A reference-grade USB A to B or USB C to B cable for anyone seriously committed to digital audio and seeking ultimate transparency.


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Our 30 years of experience in perfecting state-of-the-art digital cables has played a critical role in the engineering the Mirage USB.

The Mirage USB is the most transparent USB cable I have heard. DH Labs delivers uniform impedance, minimizing reflections, which is critical at the high sampling rates used in high-resolution digital audio.”

- Gary Galo, Crane School of Music

The standard USB interface contains both data and power conductors. In the Mirage USB, the data conductors (carrying digital audio signals) and the power conductors have been physically separated using proprietary signal isolation technology. This isolates the digital data stream from noise emanating on the host computer’s USB Power Bus.

The data and power conductors are each separately shielded, creating a double barrier that eliminates noise from the music signal. It also results in cleaner power for any digital to analog converter (DAC) whose power is supplied via the USB interface. An unprecedented FOUR SHIELDS have been engineered into this design. In addition, larger power conductors are also incorporated which other cables cannot offer. These conductors allow for the lowest impedance in the industry.

Magnetic fields (which are not blocked by conventional shields) are also tightly controlled within the cable, minimizing noise and interference to previously unseen levels.

The silver-coated Continuous CrystalTM conductors in the Mirage USB are encased in a ultra-low density dielectric for the most transparent signal transmission. Superior dimensional tolerances are maintained to the tightest tolerance possible. The resulting uniform impedance minimizes signal reflections and is critical for the elevated sampling rates used in high-resolution audio.

Finally, the cable is custom terminated with superior gold plated connectors.

Anyone making a serious commitment to computer audio is encouraged to audition the proprietary DH Labs Mirage USB.


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