Silver Sonic Sub-Sonic II Interconnect cable

DH Labs can custom-build any type of cable/accessory you can think of... From wire sitting 2000 feet down on the Arctic ocean floor, to the highest conductivity RCA sockets ever made.

Sub-Sonic II

Color: Silver
Diameter: 6.5 mm
Connectors: DH Labs RCA-650

DH Labs designed the Sub-Sonic II specifically for powered subwoofers. Optimized for low frequency signals, the Sub-Sonic II is an excellent choice when connecting the LFE output of receivers to powered subwoofers. Like all DH Labs cables, it is made in the USA. Center conductor is ofc copper, dielectric is foam PE, and the cable has a very heavy braided shield, making it perfect for long runs. Sub-Sonic II is available pre-terminated or in bulk. Easy to terminate and highly flexible.

Sub-Sonic II Connectors

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