Red Wave
Red Wave Red-Wave-01

Red Wave

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Three 10 awg conductors with 1,386 strands of pure, silver-coated OFC in a low inductance, double-shielded construction


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The new RED WAVE is more than just a power cable. Its a precision instrument. Its three 10 awg conductors are wound with 1,386 strands of extremely pure, silver-coated OFC copper. These very high performance conductors are utilized in an ultra low inductance, double-shielded construction that provides complete immunity to both low and high frequency noise. This Silver Sonic cable is Robustly built to deliver instantaneous current without hesitation, in order to to satisfy the demands of the very finest audio components and video displays.

Once assimilated into the Big Rig, the Red Wave sounded extremely clean, extremely transparent.”

- Martin DeWulf, Bound for Sound

The foundation of any audio or home theater system is the power delivered to it, and the RED WAVE is the most important improvement that can be made to your power delivery system. It is custom terminated with WattGate Audio Grade connectors, which are plated with 2.0 Microns of 24 karat gold.





16.0 mm


3 x 10 awg + dual shields