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Reunion Cat8 Ethernet

$13.00 /ft

Ethernet cable featuring 10% silver coated OFHCC conductors for high-speed transmission, low noise/jitter, and preserved timing integrity.


Digital audio signals are breakable streams of data that are much more susceptible to loss and timing errors. These errors, called jitter, replace the audio signal with distortion and noise. Compared to standard ethernet cables, Reunion Cat8 reduces jitter by delivering at the highest transfer speeds possible for the most accurate sonic reproduction of streamed music and video. In addition to meeting the category 8 specification of an astonishing 40 Gigabits per second, the cable features OFHCC conductors that are 10% silver coated (surrounded by 2 proprietary shields), along with a weighty metal connector & solid locking mechanism to further increase and preserve conductivity and signal fidelity.

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