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T-14 Speaker Cable

 $14.00 / ft.

A 14awg pure silver-coated Continuous CrystalTM copper speaker cable featuring low capacitance and low inductance


Our T-14 speaker cable was designed to provide the highest quality sound at a much lower price than competing cables. It uses the finest materials available, including silver, oxygen-free copper and a pure PTFE dielectric. From the deepest bass to the highest treble, T-14 provides an incredibly transparent sound with precise imaging and a large, deep sound stage.

T-14 is manufactured completely in the U.S.A. The process begins with strands of high purity Continuous CrystalTM copper, which are individually coated with a thick layer of silver. The strands are then tightly wound and extruded with our PTFE insulation, one of the finest dielectrics available for speaker cables. The cable has a very low capacitance of 21.5 pico-farads per foot. The inductance is also very low, which allows consistent performance with a wide variety of speakers. In fact, a ten foot length of T-14 cable has less inductance than the output stages of many amplifiers! Vibration damping spacers and a tensioned wrap under the jacket hold the conductors tightly in place, and the cable is completely free from resonances and microphonic effects that cause a loss of resolution.

Our quality is second to none. We test every spool of Silver Sonic cable, and our PTFE insulators exceed mil-spec. T-14 is also available assembled with a wide variety of spades, bananas, or z-plugs.

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