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DH LABS D-75 Digital Interconnect

Price: $69 USD – 1 meter terminated (current price $75)

DH Labs is the manufacturer of the very high-performance and cost-effective Silver Sonic lineup of speaker cables and interconnects. Like the rest of the DH Labs products, the D-75 is designed to offer great performance at a price you, I, and the rest of us can afford. And it does that job exceedingly well.

The D-75 is very well made. It’s nicely tailored in a somewhat rigid, but still flexible, almost brown colored jacket. The RCA connectors seem to be the same as those used in the DH Labs analog interconnects. These are very good connectors that give solid contact, yet they won’t rip your jacks off when you have to rearrange things.

And sonically, D-75 performs admirably. I’ve found sonic differences between coax cables to be difficult to determine at best (except in a few, unique cases–so read on). Matter of fact, I couldn’t even tell the difference between the D-75 and my more than double the price Theta Coax cable! However, I could easily tell the difference between it and another sub-hundred dollar cable. The D-75 simply trounced it in terms of detail, clarity, soundstaging, and resolution. And yet another contender in the just under $200 category was entered. It was deemed somewhat different in performance, but not necessarily better.

My opinion on this one? It’s a steal, and if I were going to spend up to $250 on a cable, I’d have to look at the DH Labs D-75 first!

…Doug Schneider


DH Labs responds:

Thank you very much for auditioning our D-75 digital cable. I would like to add that the cable is also available terminated with 75 ohm BNC connectors. This option, which costs $26.00 extra, improves performance even further. In fact, we feel that our BNC terminated D-75 will compete with any digital cable at any price!

Best Regards,
Darren Hovsepian
DH Labs

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