RCA Connectors

DH Labs can custom-build any type of cable/accessory you can think of... From wire sitting 2000 feet down on the Arctic ocean floor, to the highest conductivity RCA sockets ever made.

DH Labs Ultimate RCA

Ultimate RCA

Ultimate RCA connector with pure copper contacts.
Cable entry hole: 8.5 mm

DH Labs CM-R1 RCA Socket

CM-R1 RCA Socket

Ultimate RCA socket with pure copper contacts.

DH Labs RCA-2C


Precision machined RCA plug with a pure copper center-pin.
Cable entry hole: 6.0 mm

DH Labs RCA-750


Coaxial design optimized for 75 ohm digital cables
Optimum cable size: 7.5 mm

DH Labs power ables


DH Labs quality at an affordable price.
Cable entry hole: 6.9 mm

DH Labs phono cables


Gold Plated - A perfect solution
Cable entry hole: 6.5 mm