Ultimate RCA

$46.00 ea.

Our reference-grade locking RCA connector with 99.5% pure copper contacts and industry-leading conductivity rating


Virtually all of the RCA Connectors used by today’s top cable manufacturers are made from brass. There are a number of different brass alloys, generally featuring a combination of copper (around 60%) and varying amounts of zinc, lead, and even tin. The presence of these other metals greatly reduces the manufacturing cost by making the material much easier to machine and process.

From an electrical standpoint, these other metals are considered impurities that drastically reduce the electrical conductivity of the resulting alloy. For example, the conductivity of brass alloy is only about 26% that of pure copper. As electrical and sound engineers, we have always seen that this reduced conductivity of connectors by almost 75%, directly affecting the overall performance of terminated audio cables.

While most cable manufacturers ignore this fact and focus on marketing, DH Labs engineers have worked with top metallurgists to develop and refine the ultimate connector alloy. Years of research have led to the introduction of our exclusive “High Copper Alloy” TM. This material is made in the USA. to ensure the highest quality and is composed of 99.5% pure copper, with a conductivity rating that is the highest in the industry. Trace amounts of two other non-magnetic metals are added to provide adequate hardness and the strength required for RCA plugs to hold up over time. Even our plating process has been modified to maximize signal transfer. Simply stated, this is the finest performing connector anyone has ever made.

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