Prelude 11 AWG Speaker Cable
Prelude 11 AWG Speaker Cable Prelude-2J

Prelude 11 AWG Speaker Cable

 $7.00 / ft.

11 awg cable with OFHC copper strands a low-loss Polyethylene dielectric


The New Prelude Speaker Cable offers effortless signal transfer and unprecedented value.

The OFHC Copper strands of this cable are wound in alternating concentric layers, with the pitch of each layer adjusted to cancel magnetic fields within each conductor. This proprietary Alternating Multi-Layer Concentric configuration reduces skin-effect, and produces completely uniform frequency balance that extends throughout the entire audio spectrum. This cable also features a low-loss Polyethylene dielectric which serves to complement the sonic accuracy of the high purity copper conductors.

The large 11 awg conductors deliver perfect synergy with today’s high current amplifiers.