• Pro-Studio-01

Pro Studio Audio Interconnect Cable

$18.00 / ft.

Loved by studio pros, Pro Studio delivers balance and openness using silver-coated copper in a 60% air dielectric.


Our Pro Studio Interconnect is renowned for delivering reference-grade uncolored sound with extraordinary resolution. Designed specifically for the DIY and pro audio markets, it continues to be the cable of choice for some of the world’s finest pro-audio and mastering engineers over the last 20 years. Pro Studio combines phenomenally transparent sound with complete immunity to noise, and is highly flexible and easy to work with.

Pro Studio uses DH Labs’ proprietary surface treated, silver-coated OFC copper conductors, encased in a low density Air-PFTE Matrix dielectric, which is actually 60% air. Capacitance is a very low 12 pico-farads per foot (39 pf/meter) in balanced (XLR) mode and 21 pico-farads per foot (69 pf/meter) in unbalanced (RCA) mode. A heavy 95% braid provides the shielding. This cable is excellent for long runs. Special attention was paid to mechanically induced (tribo-electric) noise, which is often neglected in audiophile cables. Although it is primarily intended as an interconnect, this makes the PRO STUDIO exceptionally good for use as a phono cable or for delivering other very low level signals (such as microphones) where cable quality is critical. The result is a cable whose soundstage detail and depth are energized, delivering razor sharp focus, and making listening a near visual experience.

We are the OEM cable manufacturer of choice for many others in the industry, and the supplier of internal wiring for more than 25 speaker and component manufacturers worldwide.

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