D-750 – Shane C.

D-750 – Shane C.

I am writing to tell you how very impressed I am with the D-75 cable you sent me. It is a clear and significant improvement in “every”. aspect over the other cable I was using (VdH the First… yeah I know). I like everything about this cable. It sounds so smooth and natural, yet powerful and dynamic with other music. No use raving on, just that I am quite surprised the difference it made in a relatively expensive and highly revealing tube based system. Construction is also great, although it sounds better than it looks. Interesting RCA connector style, unique?..certainly I’ve never seen one like that before. Unfortunately not much good for a twin-axial or twisted pair cable, otherwise I’d be ordering some of these! I have been away fishing (lucky me) for a bit. I will be showing this cable to some friends of mine who use similar gear. I’m sure they’ll be surprised… especially for the money, oh yeah… those BNC plugs are killer! Fantastic stuff. All in all I’d have to say it offered the single biggest improvement since I threw in the SS gear and went to tube amps. Amazing how much difference it makes.

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