Q-10 – Darren G.

Q-10 – Darren G.

Dear DH Lab, I purchased the Q-10 cable the internal bi-wire pair which has approximately 10 hours on them now, the moment I turned on the stereo system I noticed a difference right away. I was hearing more music than ever, the sound stage was much better than before even though these cables aren’t broke in yet. The dialogue has gotten much clearer, harps and strings sound much better also. I can’t wait till these cables are fully broke in. It’s a day and night difference from the Monster Cable Z-series cables I had. I looked at various cables before choosing these and also with the suggestion of my dealer here in Augusta, Georgia. My Revel F-30’s are more musical than ever. I definitely highly recommend this cable. Don’t mean to bore you with this long letter, I can’t help it. For the first time I am happy with my purchase. Thanks and have a great day.

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