D-110 – Henry V.

D-110 – Henry V.

Congratulations on an exception cable. My 20 feet of bulk D-110 arrived this morning in the mail. I immediately terminated it to fit between my computer with a Lynx AES-16 sound card, and my DEQX digital processor. As soon as I connected it and started to listen to music the difference in performance was obvious: more dynamic, wider sound stage, both upper and bottom end extension, and a layer of haze was lifted from the music. Now, if all that is noticeable without any burn in time, I can’t wait to hear the improvements after a 100 hours of playing time.

I have been involved with high end audio for more than 20 years, owned and tried many of the very best cables some costing thousands of dollars, and now I’m feeling rather foolish for having spent all that money for cables that have been bested by a cable costing only $5 per foot. I give the D-110 my highest recommendation.

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